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Grinder Pump Lift Stations

Grinder pump lift stations are typically used for applications requiring high head pressure, and low flow.

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Non-Clog Pump Lift Stations

Non-Clog lift stations are used when the customer has a need for higher flow, and has a lower head pressure.

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Stormwater Lift Stations

Storm water lift stations apply to situations where storm water needs to be controlled.

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residential pump system illustration

We move wastewater uphill.
Build where you want.

That means the age old problems: low lying marginal land, sites below gravity sewer levels, hilly terrain, lakesites and suburban developments are now a land of opportunity. You can build where you want without worry about future sewage problems.

By reducing installation and operating costs, eliminating the difficulties of terrain and distance, and by preserving the quality of lakes and rivers through reduction of septic tanks, we hope to build a better place to live.

repair work on electronic component

Lift station service. From design to maintenance.

Triple D Pump’s technicians are factory trained, and are regarded as some of the best in the industry. They perform start-up procedures on new lift stations, as well as trouble shoot problems with existing lift stations that have been in service for several years.

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